Wedding: Nicole & Richard

Ceremony & Reception: Epping Forest Yacht Club

Nicole and Richard had planned to have an outdoor ceremony by the fountains in the rear of Epping Forest Yacht Club. The white chairs were in place and just as the staff had completed the preparations a huge storm rolled in.

Everyone scrambled to get in the musical instruments and floral arrangements, barely making it in before the rain. After a short shower things started to look promising and the Epping Forest staff started clearing off the seats and were about to start seating guests…

Then it happened again.

Another storm, even bigger this time, knocked over the chairs and soaked the grounds. But the rain didn’t dampen any spirits as Nicole and Richard’s ceremony instead took place inside. 



By Agnes Lopez Wedding


  1. Mary Beth Tyson 7 years

    You really captured the sky in the first one and I LOVE your lighting in the last!!

    Even though it rained it’s still a beautiful location.

  2. Tia Martyn 7 years

    The first pic looks like a painting. Captured very well

  3. Heather 7 years

    How beautiful! Oh my goodness!

  4. Corinna Hoffman 7 years

    Wow, I really love that first picture! I love your work and checking your blog time to time :) So fun!

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